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IT Development in Geneva

As an IT company with over 15 years of experience in web and software development, we support you in the implementation of your IT projects.


Ensure the success of your projects!

Added Value

Our IT company specializes in creating custom solutions at a quality that meets our customers’ needs. It is not unusual to have specific needs in software development, and we’re offering our team’s expertise, skills and passion to meet these needs.





Includes features and key features for your particular field, with a unique design and flexible content.



Track your business any time anywhere and leave nothing to chance.

Simplified Work

Simplified Work

Your work becomes truly collaborative. Managing your content becomes effective through our CMS.



Works with all media types for optimum accessibility.


IT developpementSoftware Development

Want to develop software for your business?

Our teams take time with you to outline your software to ensure a successful and ergonomic user experience. All using the latest trends in software development.

Since our work environment is becoming increasingly mobile, a mobile version of the software will be available for you and your employees.

Custom Software Development: 

  • Supports all formats (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android…)
  • PHP/ MySQL Developments
  • Solutions customized for your business


Custom Software Development: Web Development

With our expertise, we can develop a unique website, e-commerce site or web platform for you no matter the size and reputation of your business.

From the initial contact to final turnkey delivery, we collaborate with you, listen to you and share our progress with you in order to ensure quality work that meets your expectations.

  • Create powerful websites
  • Websites with content management systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce solutions and secure online payments
  • Web development for specific applications


Mobile DevelopmentMobile Development

Our mobile development aim is durability so that you have guaranteed constant access to your data, without having to rely on your browser or device..

In order to achieve this, we use multiple programming languages.

We aim to make your mobile user experience as successful as on the computer.

  • Mobile development for custom applications
  • PHP/ MySQL
  • Windows, Mac, iPad, Android compatible (& more!)



To serve you better, we encourage close collaboration. This implies considerable involvement not only on our part but also on yours, with frequent back-and-forth necessary.

We also run tests and versioning in order to deliver the project you imagined as soon as possible.

  • Advice on implementing features
  • Upgrading the user experience: usability, simplicity and intuitiveness
  • Computer programming
  • Testing and refining features
  • User monitoring and training
  • 24/7 software maintenance and updating


Software development requires expertise, attention to detail as well as suitable programming tools.

Therefore, the technologies we use are reliable and robust to provide sustainable software.

  • AJAX/ JavaScript etc.
  • PHP
  • MySQL


What you get ?

High Quality

High Quality

Renowned Swiss precision.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Access your workspace any time, anywhere.

Excellent Design

Excellent Design

Enjoy a more attractive and ergonomic design.

Included Updates

Included Updates

Enjoy the latest updates for free.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Customize our existing features according to your needs.

Secure Data

Secure Data

Enjoy HTTPS, IP protection, dual authentification, automatic backups and more. Your information will remain confidential and protected. 




How is Dune Gestion different from other management software?

-Some software includes contact-tracking capabilities and schedule management, reminder follow-ups. Others include additional features such as sales opportunities, location-based modules and emailing.
Dune Gestion incorporates these features in an all-in-one software, and can develop specific business solutions based on your needs.


Can I access Dune Gestion on my smartphone or tablet?

-Dune Gestion is accessible on any device with an internet connection. This includes smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs. It is also compatible with Android and iOS.


Is it possible to integrate Dune Gestion with my CRM or accounting software?

-Dune Gestion is aware that some companies have their own software which can sometimes make change difficult. This is why Dune Gestion has an open policy with other programs, through our own API or data gateway developments.
We already have some integrations with accounting software such as Topal or Winbiz.


Can I work with workflow on Dune Gestion?

-Dune Gestion provides a workflow in our software. You can change the settings during set-up to match your organization and operation. (Contact/ collaborator reminder, automatic reminders, contact linking with a defined action).


How long does the installation of your various software solutions take?

-Since Dune Gestion works in the Cloud without installation, installing ERP/CRM software is fast. We can deliver your standard module software in a few days to a few weeks according to the parameters or specific IT developments required.


Is training necessary for future users?

-Getting started is quick and easy. Based on the number of configured modules, we can provide training for your team in our office or directly at your workplace.


Do you provide documentation for software use?

-We offer basic training for using Dune Gestion. It can be completed by adding training hours. We also have video and PDF tutorials available. You can contact us for any further information regarding software use.


What kind of support does Dune Gestion offer?

-Our sales and technical teams are available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by phone and email. We work on your emergency requests 24/7 through our ticketing platform.


Do you have an IT development project you want done?

Contact us for expert advice on web development!

Our offices

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